5 Tips to Keep Kids Active All Summer

Summer is not quite over yet, so get out there and enjoy the rest of the great weather


Schools Out! While kids are jumping for joy, parents all over the neighbourhood are wondering what the heck are we going to do to keep the kids busy all summer! While summer camps are great, not all families choose all day camps and even if they do, there are still another 4-5 evening hours that kids are looking for something to do.

Being Active & Free Play

The benefits of kids being active (<– add your LINK) range from stronger bones, muscles, improved balance and coordination to increased attention span and being all round happier kids.  A recent article by Canadian Press looked at the overall benefits to kids that are afforded outdoor free play in addition to being a part of a team organized sports.  Something as simple as getting dirty and chasing frogs can open a childs’ mind, inspire creativity and create a connection to nature while still benefiting from being active.However, there is a fine line between giving kids hours of free time to be active and hearing the dreaded words “I’m bored” after the first week of summer break. What can parents do to help engage their children in free play and encourage kids to be active all summer long?

5 Tips to Keep Kids Active All Summer

Time to Play
If you have your kids running to arts camp, music lessons, grocery stores and grandma house they may not have enough down time to just be active in the yard, on the street or at the park.  Give kids time each day or at least a few times a week where they have a couple hours to just play outside.  If you give them suggested activities (digging for worms, building a outdoor fort, skipping rope tug of war) to get them started, it won’t be long before their imagination takes over.


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